Dinner and New Year in Riccione - Zi Rosa

New Year 2019

Zì Rosa Restaurant

Welcome drink

Cod salad with Romagna blackberry ham and goat's mousse

Fried cracker with creamed mackerel and orange and ginger marinated lobster tail

Poppy tuna with artichoke puree

Roasted scallop with turnip tops, caramelized pumpkin mousse and seared porcini mushrooms

Sicilian prawn tail in puffed quinoa crust and chicory salad

Paccheri with bergamot stuffed with octopus ragout and buffalo ricotta

Whole red risotto with red prawn bisque and smoked eggplant pulp

Scorpion fish steak au gratin with Controne green beans puree

Monkfish porchetta with concassé of coppery tomatoes and marjoram

Soft eggnog and caramelized peanut crumble with orange ice cream and lime

Water, coffee

(wines excluded)

Euro 90.00 per person


Dinner and New Year in Riccione - Zi Rosa Ristorante Zi Rosa