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The kitchen is mainly focused on fish, in every course, we find the taste of Italian tradition that embraces the flavors of our beloved Romagna.

One of the most popular dishes is the Catalan of crustaceans or imperial which stands out for its quantity and for the presence of the sea cricket which is proudly displayed inside the aquarium in the center of the room. Scampi, oysters, truffles and other wonderful crudités that our sea gives us can be enjoyed in absolute freshness, accompanied by delicate champagnes, or by important selected national labels.

La Zì Rosa, a caring and much loved lady of the end of the 1800s, among her precious recipes could not forget the lovers of homemade pasta; tortelli, mezzelune, pappardelle but also the delicate risottos and many other rich first courses of tasty and wise culinary art. Dulcis in fundo, for any self-respecting lunch or dinner it is good not to forget to end with the dessert; baskets, patties and crunchy lies wrapped in explosions of creams and fruit that leave the palate a pleasant memory of those intense moments just passed.

Menu starting from 30.00 euros.


Our menu Ristorante Zi Rosa