Friday 1st July Notte Rosa 2016 in Riccione

The Pink Night of Riccione is the great summer party, the summer New Year's on the Riviera and also in Riccione. The whole coast is tinged with pink, from sunset to dawn the 170 kilometers of the Romagna and Marche Riviera are an explosion of lights, sounds, images, colors, 170 kilometers of concerts, theatrical performances, readings, installations, conferences, exhibitions, shows, magical scenery. Each location interprets the theme in a creative and unique way to give the public a night of intense emotions, a night when the Riviera becomes a great stage where everyone is the protagonist of the most original collective ritual of the summer but where the main protagonist is fun healthy and "sweet life". Why pink? Pink is a color that tells the Riviera as a place to meet, hospitality, kindness, relationships, feelings, a place where the sense of belonging to a community capable of welcoming is still strong. The Zi Rosa restaurant for this unique night is proposed with a special menu that you can discover by calling us directly to the numbers you can read in the contact section.


Friday 1st July Notte Rosa 2016 in Riccione Ristorante Zi Rosa